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Duration:From : 05/12/2021 To : 05/12/2021

Description: Our aim is to go to our candidates' clinic & walk them step by step to teach them up to being a diligent aesthetic practitioner in Aesthetic Gynecology. Participants will receive the most recent modalities training in all relevant aspects for thorough & confident world-class practice & service in Aesthetic Gynecology. The Fellowship of Aesthetic Gynecology shall be provided by worldwide experts; from the USA, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia & Egypt with a consolidated reputation & experience in clinical practices of Aesthetic Gynecology & teaching in this new sub-specialty. Specific goals of the Fellowship of Aesthetic Gynecology: 1) To provide participants with up-to-date knowledge (especially with the rapidly evolving tools & techniques), along with skills in all aspects of Aesthetic Gynecology 2) To create a space to share experiences & knowledge with the experts, in an ongoing learning experience. The Arab Fellowship in Aesthetic Gynecology teaching experience does not end with the end of our fellowship time frame, as candidates shall receive face-to-face training with real cases focusing on very specific aspects & areas of personal development of Aesthetic Gynecology skills. 3) To promote debate & critical thinking about new advances in Aesthetic Gynecology, as nouvelle modalities are always introduced into the arena of the aesthetic medicine in general, reflecting clearly on short- & long-term patient satisfaction; ultimately couples' quality of life & wellbeing. 4) To get in touch & learn from the clinical & research organizations of large academic hospitals, in the new subspecialty of Aesthetic Gynecology.

MODULE 1: Foundation & concept of Aesthetic & Functional Gynecology in 2020.

MODULE 2: Bio stimulation in Aesthetic & Functional Gynecology

MODULE 3: Bio reparation & Bio stimulation in Aesthetic & Functional Gynecology.

MODULE 4: Dyspareunia

MODULE 5: Hyaluronic Acid in AFG-GHL

MODULE 6: Labiality

MODULE 7: Hymenoplasty & Perineoplasty

MODULE 8: Lip grafting GHL (ALL) & PDO threads in Aesthetic Gynecology.

MODULE 9: Threads Aesthetic Gynecology