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Duration:From : 15/12/2021 To : 15/12/2021
4 days: 3 days theoretical & 1 day practical

Description: Target groups: Consultant & Specialist of Obs. & Gyn., Consultant & Specialist of Radiology Family Medicine doctors, Pediatric Cardiology doctors

Day 1:

 The Fetal Kidneys.

 The normal Skeletal System

  The Fetal CNS (abnormal) Amniotic fluid.

  The Fetal Face (abnormal)

   The Fetal Lungs (abnormal)

Day 2 :

   The Fetal Kidneys.

   The normal Skeletal System.

    The Fetal CNS (abnormal).

    The Fetal Face (abnormal).

    The Fetal Lungs (abnormal).

Day 3:

    The Fetal Heart (abnormal).

    The Anterior Abdominal Wall).


    The Fetal Kidneys (abnormal).

    The Skeletal Dysplasia.

Day 4: Practical

        Hands on training on patients