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Teachers: Dr. Shady Saleem
Prof. Alaa Ebrashy
Dr.Monier Mostafa
Prof.Abobakr Al Nash

Duration:From : 09/05/2019 To : 09/05/2019
18 months; divided into SIX modules (two months each) & six months for research work.

Description: IVF ultra-specialized training is addressed to any graduate of Medical School, as trainees will be taught from stage zero-experience till total competence & expertise in IVF. The teaching program includes 6 thematic modules covering all relevant aspects for the practice of Infertility. Each module is open for completion by participants and includes:

• MODULE 1: Infertility.
• MODULE 2: Gynaecological Ultrasound.
• MODULE 3: Basic IVF.
• MODULE 4: Hysteroscopy & Infertility.
• MODULE 5: Advanced IVF.
• MODULE 6: IVF Lab.