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Duration:From : 15/12/2021 To : 15/12/2021
4 days: 3 days theoretical and 1 day practical

Description: Target groups : Consultant & Specialist of Obs. & Gyn., Consultant & Specialist of Radiology Family Medicine doctors.

Day 1 :

  The Physics of Doppler.

   The Umbilical artery Doppler.

   The Middle Cerebral Artery Doppler.

   The Ductus Venosus.

   The Fetal Descending Aorta.

Day 2 :

   Doppler Ultrasound in Diagnosis & Management of IUGR.

   Doppler Velocimetry & Hypertension.

   Doppler Sonography in pregnancies complicated with Pre-gestational Diabetes Mellitus.

 Doppler Velocimetry & Multiple Gestation.

 Doppler In Gynecology.

Day 3 :

 Doppler Velocimetry in Maternal Allo-Immunization.

  Doppler Velocimetry for Fetal Surveillance: Adverse Perinatal Outcome & Fetal Hypoxia.

  When to do a Doppler study & how to translate Doppler indices.

   When to do 3D & a 4D & proper evaluation of cases of IUGR.