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Duration:From : 04/02/2020 To : 04/02/2020
18 Months Duration 1. Theoretical Education. 2. Practical Training (Log book). 3. Research. 4. Exam: Theoretical & Practical (Pass Rate at least %70).

Description: -All contents are offered through the main training hall of the ASFMS & the National Training Institute at Cairo (all lectures will be available online). -The teaching program includes 6 thematic modules covering all relevant aspects for the practice of Maternal & Fetal Medicine. -A discussion forum opens Live during the duration of the module

MODULE 1: First Trimester Ultrasound.

MODULE 2: Fetal Anatomy and Abnormalities, Placenta & Amniotic uid.

MODULE 3: Gynecological Ultrasound Scan

MODULE 4: Fetal Echocardiography.

MODULE 5: Doppler, 3/D & 4/D.

MODULE 6: Interventional Ultrasound & Miscellaneous.